Friday, September 29, 2006

mystery solved!

So Gorilla Vs Bear has uncovered the truth behind Little Superstar. It seems that the clip is from the movie Maarveran, the first 70mm film shot in the language of Tamil (makes you think of Aziz don't it) starring a midget whose name means Frog. This site called Mojiti put together a little documentary type thing about it. Check it: here. Highly recommend you watch it because it translates all the shit they are saying.

Bonus! Watch homeboy slap some dude!

Gym Class Pete's then the Marquis. Tomorrow Jenny, Mute Math, and TBOP. Sunday is motherfucking Styx and Speedwagon. Monday Calexico. What are you guys doing this weekend, faithful readers in exotic places like Arkansas, Chicago, and NYC?

Thursday, September 28, 2006

floggy daw.

Don't ask what that means. The ol' soccer team FINALLY WON A GAME! No bullshit! 3-2. It was the best feeling and really pissed the other team off. Fuck 'em.

I want to post this super lame video from the Bromance and lay down two rules.

1. Alt-country still kinda sucks. Stop sucking it, let it suck on it's own.
2. Buy your own goddamn cigarettes (Longman is excluded from this, he can smoke my fags whenever). If you are gonna smoke, fine, smoke, but commit to the addiction! These things are expensive (especially since I smoke a pricy brand in the most hard to find 'flavor'). I fucking hate drunks that are always spending money at the bar and bumming cigs. Be a real smoker; have a pack and lighter on you at all times...hell I even plan my night around re-stocking if need be!

Or maybe I should just quit.

Here's that video. Yeesh.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

no way!

Wow! What won't they make a musical of? Click on this link HERE to get the lowdown (you can 'meat' the cast...get it? no? too subtle?).

CSS: Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above

Just cos I thought they sucked at Pitchfork this year doesn't mean that a band comprised of five hot Brazilian girls (that's funny) and one dude isn't the shit.


Here is them looking for Cat Power in Atlanta. I love the way they keep calling her Ket Pow.

Stupid Brazilians.

And as long as we are watching videos, this is my favorite video ever right this second.

Wolf Parade, “I’ll Believe In Anything”.

I also think I finally get The Draft. Oh, and Everything Absent or Distorted was featured on Music (For Robots) today. See those guys later.

Monday, September 25, 2006

signal to curse the river

Totally jumping shows this past Saturday. The team and I hit the HiDive for Suburban Home's 11th anniversary party, then split to Walnut Room to see the Sunset Curse, then back to 3 Kings for the mighty Drag the River. Highlight of the evening was definitely Signal to Noise with new guitarist/sometime singer James Tanner (previously of Harrison Bergeron and a band called Anamani I think). Slayed big time...can't fucking wait for the record. "This Side of Texas" is a hot jam, check it out at their myspace page. Even thought I loved the band with Tim in it, I really think this is the sound they were meant to be playing. Rock and roll. And I am not just kissing their asses because they played my song.

I need to post three things; Lollapalooza wrap, Sufjan show review (still glowing from that one), and this stupid analysis of a Kevin Federline interview I have been obsessively reading. That kid needs a beating.

Also, you may have seen this before but I am posting it anyway. Watch it, it's totally hypnotizing. What the hell is this and where is it from!

Friday, September 22, 2006

more ways to waste your time online

Click here now to watch live shows from about a million of your favorite bands playing in Amsterdam. These Arms Are Snakes, Isis, Bright Eyes, the Good Life, Girls Against Boys, Arcade Fire, Open Hand, Spoon, the Dears, Andrew yourself a favor...check this shit out. The video is even seperated out by song.

Did I mention I am officially in love with Sufjan Stevens? A review of his 9/16 show in Austin is due up soon. Until then, enjoy this...his new song "Majesty Snowbird". Between this and "Lord God Bird", I am totally hoping for an avian-themed record from the Soofs, preferably before July of next year.

I also had an epiphany about something...more on that later too...I am entirely too busy watching "Cruise Yourself" to expound on anything right now.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Just got back from sweltering swamp of Austin, TX for the final three days of my summer festival tour. Nine days this summer I have spent outside in the heat watching bands on huge stages. Not sure if I'd ever do it again though. Austin was super fun, although my crew was a little couples-centric (nothing new). I also had a better Chicago dog in Texas than I had in a combined two weeks in Chicago! That's fucked. ACL- Let me break it down quickly since I am kinda hungover from the Converge/Mastodon show last night (yes I made a decision- more on that later).

We saw Ted Leo bash his forehead open with the mic during "Ballad of the Sin Eater" AGAIN. Gotta be a gimmick. I love Ted Leo. If I could be anything, I'd be a Pharmacist. Pretty much the same set as Pitchfork...loved hearing the new songs but it is such a bummer that he hasn't even started recording them yet.

Guster played two songs I knew the words too. Totally busted...I have their first record.

Wolf Parade slayed despite Daunte (the old guitarist from Hot Hot Heat/new dude in WP) having "e.coli" as Spencer pointed out. Even without him they pulled off a fantastic set, including a surprisingly epic version of "I'll Believe In Anything". All the usual favorites were in the set, and they even closed with "Dinner Bells". It was the hottest part of the day/entire festival but it didn't matter. I fucking love Wolf Parade so much.

Gnarls Barkley came out as "John Nash and the Beautiful Minds", but it was too hot to leave what little shade we could find. Apologies to Cat Power as well, even though we could hear her soul floating through the trees.

Van Morrison was boring. But he is a legend and dude knows how to write a smooth jam. Made me miss my dad.

Nada Surf played "Popular" three songs in. They must be bummed to still play that song ten years later.

TV on the Radio didn't stop moving despite the heat, and played "Young Liars" which was awesome. Kyp must have been suffering under all that hair. A little uneven, and I was bummed out over a few arrangements of the songs, but overall awesome. I can't stop listening to Cookie Mountain.

The Shins still suck. Sorry Zach Braff.

Matisyahu? Always good! Twice this year! He jumps out into the crowd, walks across amps, dances the hora. I would never listen to his music, but homeboy puts on quite a show. Yarmulkes off to you sir.

New Pornographers brought Neko Case with them, and I still couldn't get into it.

Flaming Lips were worth watching just for spectacles sake. Balloons, streamers, fake blood, aliens, Santa Claus, and gigantic hands. Awesome. And the "She Don't Use Jelly" song (they can't put that one away?).

Muse. How can you describe Muse live? Ryan Lien just told me "beautiful". And he was right. There was so much noise, perfect noise, coming from these three dudes it was insane. The musicianship and stage performance were so in a class by themselves it was hard to believe you were at an outdoor festival. Highly recommended. They do however also get the award for shittiest crowd of the day (lots of sweet bros jumping up and down incessantly giving the devil horns). But even that actually added to the experience, especially when they drop that riff at the end of "Knights of Cydonia" (riff of the year!). The whole place seemed to explode, and I kinda got goosebumps. A top band at the top of their game. I wasn't a huge fan before but now I rabid. Check them out.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

you read.

Bloggin' over at Flying Cobra Shark. I highly recommend reading this site, if you like art, skateboarding, and dumb shit.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

another reason why America is such a fucking joke.

hangover day three

Seriously. I really did one Saturday night and am still paying for it today. Moral of the story is keep me away from sake, sambuca, and crystal meth (snap).

I woke up at 4pm Sunday and went with Chip and company to Steuben's. I gotta say Steuben's is my favorite place ever. Great staff, amazing food, grape vodka and Olympia in a can...hard to beat. Joe OGB and his crew really know how to do one. Plus they have a hidden TV, so Chip and I got to watch the Manning bowl. We both joined a fantasy league, and it really has made watching the games this first week much more enjoyable (although I obviously missed a lot sleeping most of the daylight away on Sunday). And I am not too bummed about the Dolphins loss:I mean, Daunte failed at the end and Saban blew it with the seventeen warm-up throws trying to get his challenge in BUT it wasn't all that bad. I really am trying not to get all bummed and down on the Fish just because of one loss. It was a tight game, and close for three-and-a-half quarters. And the Steelers are the returning Super Bowl champions (only 8 returning champs have ever lost their home opener).

Will the Dolphins beat the Bills at home next week?

Will Jake Plummer fuck his shit up and make way for Jay Cutler?

Did I mention I'll be out of town this weekend?

Have you heard Lady Sovereign yet?

Are you going to TV on the Radio or Mastodon/Converge?

You psyched for the Lost season premiere October 4th?

Important questions.

In conclusion, let's get one thing straight: I'm backing Justin Timberlake. That sounds kinda dumb to be a huge snob and still be a fan of someone from N'Sync, but it's happened. I mean, come on, "Like I Love You" was a great song (fucking Dillinger Escape Plan covered it for chrissakes). Anyway his new album came out and when I first heard the "Sexyback" single I was disappointed because it was an annoying exercise in bland repetitive R&B that you knew you were gonna hear everywhere this fall. Then I heard the second single, "My Love". Great synth hook, catch as all hell, highly recommended. If you listen to the version on his Myspace page, you gotta listen to like a minute and a half of crap before it gets good. Here is a bootleg mp3 of just the good shit.

*UPDATED* the Timberlake MP3 is now working properly.
Justin Timberlake - My Love Featuring TI
Lady Sovereign - Love Me or Hate Me

Saturday, September 09, 2006

um, what?

TEXAS IS THE REASON is reuniting for one show this Thanksgiving at Irving Plaza in NYC? Johnny, prep your couch...I'm on the way!!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

no sitting still

Well, I'm back miss me? Don't get too attached, next week I am off to Austin. Then you can have me until October. I like all the traveling, but I feel like I have seen all that the continental US has to show me.

Way to blow it Canes. That's okay, I am a Gator fan anyways.

Gibby and I saw The Wicker Man today...not bad. Being a fan of the original, I was disappointed by some of the minor plot changes, but the film works good on it's own. The knockout ending will still probably accomplish what it needs to, I just miss some of the aspects (orgies, Catholicism) that made the original so effective. And plus without Christopher Lee's scene-chewing performance as Lord Summerisle, the film is lacking a strong lead villain. Oh well. Two pints up.

And in other news, I am off to see Barrie Zwicker speak at the Tattered Cover about his book Towers of Deception: The Media Cover-Up of 9/11. I am not much of a conspiracy nut (maybe a little), but a lot of things about 9/11 just don't add up...Zwicker is one of the few with balls big enough to stand up and say something stinks. I highly recommend checking this dude out, if only as a 'gateway drug' to the world of 9/11 truth (Nafeez Ahmed, David Ray Griffin, Disinformation, Loose Change, etc...).