Monday, October 30, 2006

need new music?

The Thermals "Pillar of Salt"

They are on tour now with Cursive. See them if you like fun. If you are part of the 303 contingent in NYC for CMJ, they are playing the Brooklyn Vegan showcase at Fantana's on Friday the 3rd.

SOUND team "Born to Please"

Movie Monster will find itself in my top ten records of the year. An incredibly original and amazing debut. Also an incredibly talented and creative band. Here is a promo interview they put together themselves for SXSW this past year.

And of course, the famous Pitchfork incident.

SOUND team is playing at the Bluebird this Wednesday with Sparta and As Tall As Lions. Should be an amazing show...the show seems tailor-made for me and Matt Furfs. We'll see you us High Life. Cans.

monday morning jenny

Here is Jenny on "Pancake Mountain", a DC-based children's show that features indie acts all the time. She looks a little uncomfortable in her short skirt around a bunch of kids.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


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Awesome. Just picked up the World War Z audio book, performed by a full cast including Alan Alda, Jurgen Prochnow, and Luke Skywalker himself. I can't wait for the got your survival plan yet?

Saw Silversun Pickups on Tuesday and the Detroit Cobras last nights. Silversun was exactly what I expected, and were pretty amazing. "Well-Thought Out Twinkles" is one of the best songs of the year. The Cobras were great basically because the frontwoman started the show making snide comments and looking surly, but the more booze she drank the more lively she became. At one point she said, "Isn't that what fun is? When someone has to tell you about it? That's a rule. Not one to live by, but a rule nonetheless".

Tomorrow night is the hottest show of the year, the BLOOD BROTHERS with ...AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD! The total definition of a do one. You should go and watch me and Scott geek out up front. Give it a name.

Monday, October 23, 2006

majesty snowbird.

'majesty snowbird' video taken by gorilla vs bear.

This is from the show at Austin's Paramount Theater on September 16th, 2006. We sat way way waay in the back but it was still amazing. It sounds corny to say it, but Sufjan Stevens may be my favorite singer/songwriter/musician/what-have-you. He paints amazing stories in his words and music, and like Andrew said, "every song has a purpose and a destination". It almost feels like in the quiet little moments if you close your eyes, Sufjan will come sit right next to you and describe your surroundings. And even the happy songs seem sad. Sufjan introduced himself as the 'Majesty Songbird' and his band as the 'Chinese Butterfly Brigade' (Soofs was wearing what appeared to be huge paper bird wings and his band butterfly wings). The Brigade was a fifteen-piece band comprised of horns, strings, toy pianos, etc. Sufjan jumped from banjo to guitar to piano. My Brightest Diamond, comprised of members of Sufjan's band, opened the show.

His set list was something like this:
The Lord God Bird
Casmir Pulaski Day
Detroit, Lift Up Your Weary Head! (Rebuild! Restore! Reconsider!)
Dear Mr. Supercomputer (abridged version)
To Be Alone With You
Majesty Snowbird
Seven Swans
(encore) Chicago

Not in that order at all. Amazing show. Life-changing, life-affirming, beautiful, surprising, suspenseful, sad, uplifting, hilarious, tragic, superb, flawless, flawed, mysterious, perfect, not long enough.

If you don't believe me, go to Europe and catch the rest of his tour. Or download his set from the Town Hall in NYC that here, at Ryspace.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

they like

Friday, October 13, 2006

say what you will...

...but this song rules...the first minute and a half still SUCK BALLS (come on retards, even on the record we have to suffer through that crap to get to the good stuff?).

And you should add this to your Netflix pronto:

Equal parts fascinating and terrifying, it is further proof that Vice isn't just for street fashion and remix albums anymore.

PS- Joanna Newsom. At the Bluebird Sunday November 5th. Harps. Get yourself into it (and I promise I will stop saying 'get yourself into it').

Thursday, October 12, 2006

hot weekend action!

Not really. Friday night is the Rocky Mountain Recorders anniversary party. which is held once every two years and is a guaranteed good time. Open bar plus good-looking advertising girls everywhere. And someone told me Jan was making an appearance.

Saturday I prepare for this:

I know, despite what I think about dressing up like a 'butt' rocker, I will be Geezer for Sabbath. Should be fun though, I am in amazing company (Fogal, Forrest, and Matt Van Leuven). Just got the gnarly itch to play live again...something that is sorely missing from my life (because the new band won't be show-ready until at least the end of the year- more on that later).

Sunday we got Broncos v. Raiders at Mile High. Raiders are dismal this year so I expect another boring game of great Denver defense and lackluster Denver offense. Since we know we are going to annhiliate them, why don't they just start Cutler and see what happens? In Miami we got lucky enough to see Daunte get a little roughed up so as to make room for Joey Harrington. That kid wants it, and if we can find him a decent enough O line we might win a few fucking games. It's hard being a fan of any team from Florida. They build you up to let you down year after year after year. Since Suma is my neighbor I have been watching most Chicago games, and I guess the Bears for real. All I can think about is how I once got to third base with a girl who later did one* with Rex Grossman. One degree between Sexy Rexy and this guy. Rex was a mighty Gator.

Also on Sunday the Killers are playing, but just down the street the mighty CURSIVE will be visiting us. I am gonna end up seeing them three times this year. What a fucking treat, that's once more than I have seen them ever. The new songs come off amazing live, and they played 'Ceilings Crack' in Chicago this summer. You're jealous.

And in conclusion I highly recommend seeing the new Scorsese picture 'The Departed'. It was really fucking amazing. I went into it with low expectations; it seemed like a story we've seen before, with typical Scorsese cuts and music, with actors I can't stand (Damon, DiCraprio). But I have to say, loved them in this. Never thought I'd say that DiCaprio is a badass, but when he is pistol-whipping some cat and screaming "Shut the fuck up! Shut the fuck UP!" you change your mind. Great story, characters you get involved with, and lots of edge-of-your-seat action. Also great use of Dropkick Murphy's "Shipping Up to Boston". Two BYAAHs up, Tom Harkin.

Come on Toshi!

*Do I have to explain this again? She fucked him.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

geek! out! top of the pops!


Looks like the coolest thing ever. Tom Savini in a Tarantino zombie flick? Nerds everywhere are creaming themselves. Fucking Sayid is in that shit! Neat.

Saw Art Brut last night. I was drunk and smiley. They were great, be it at a festival or a little venue like the Bluebird, they brought the live show. Bantar, awkward dance moves. I implore to see this band. You won't be sorry.

Friday, October 06, 2006

get yourself into it.

Blood Brothers' "Lazer Life".

Young Machetes is out Tuesday. Get on it.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

LOST premiere TONIGHT!!!

You fucking stoked or what? This time last year we just wanted to know what was in the hatch, now we need to know how they can even have a premiere!

A little blast from the past for Freckles in honor of this evening.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

100 shows update.

A lot since July.

55: Bad Luck City
56: Ghost Buffalo
57: 3oh3!/1865/Omni
58: The Downers/Royden/The Sleeping/Fear Before the March of Flames/Chiodos
59: From Russia With Love/Envy on the Coast
60: WARPED TOUR: Against Me!/the Sounds/Mute Math/Everytime I Die/Gym Class Heroes
61: Todd Barry/Voxtrot
62: PITCHFORK: Mountain Goats/Band of Horses/Destroyer/Art Brut/Ted Leo/the Walkmen/the Futureheads/Silver Jews/Jens Lekman/CSS/Liars/Aesop Rock/Mission of Burma/Spoon/Yo La Tengo
63: Joggers
64: LOLLAPALOOZA: SOUND team/Cursive/Panic at the Disco/Editors/Mute Math/Jeremy Enigk/Stars/Ryan Adams/Mates of State/My Morning Jacket/Sleater-Kinney/Death Cab for Cutie/Feist/Peeping Tom/Lyrics Born/Gnarls Barkley/Smoking Popes/Kanye West/New Pornographers/the Hold Steady/Hot Chip/Andrew Bird/Of Montreal/Matisyahu/She Wants Revenge/Queens of the Stone Age/Broken Social Scene
65: Kaddisfly
66: the Swayback
67: Poision/Cinderella
68: the BOD/Fall From Grace/Stalin's War/Kane Hodder
69: Walter Schreifels
70: the Life There Is/ Cat-a-tac
71: Flobots/Everything Absent or Distorted/Mannequin Makeout
72: Scary Kids Scaring Kids/Haste the Day
73: Wolf Parade/Frog Eyes
74: Vaux/the Photo Atlas
75: 3oh3!
76: Lower Definition/Crash Romeo/On the Last Day/Grace Gale
77: Maylene and the Sons of Disaster/Evergreen Terrace/Throwdown/Zao
78: AUSTIN CITY LIMITS: Ted Leo&Pharmacists/Guster/Wolf Parade/Thievery Corporation/Van Morrison/Nada Surf/TV on the Radio/the Shins/Long Winters/Matisyahu/New Pornographers/Buckwheat Zydeco/Flaming Lips/Muse
79: My Brightest Diamond/Sufjan Stevens
80: the Masquerade Scene/Signal to Noise
81: Fallout Orphan/the Sunset Curse
82: Drag the River
83: University/the Vanity/the Transit War/Facing New York
84: the Bronx/Converge/Mastodon
85: Gym Class Heroes/Cobra Starship
86: Dave Alvin/Calexico
87: Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins

Fucking a.

Did a little record shopping for the first time in awhile. I have been relying on eMusic for most of my needs, but today was HOLD STEADY day. The new record Boys and Girls in America is fucking good as everyone says. I can only hope they tour out to Collyrado before the year is out. Also picked up The Rapture's Pieces of The People We Love, Planesmistakenforstars' Mercy, and mewithoutYou's Brother/Sister. At first listen everything rules, but I haven't gotten past the Hold Steady yet. The few songs I heard from Pieces were really impressive though.

AND...don't forget about tomorrow.

I still am baffled as to how they plan on having a premiere. Are Locke and Eko dead? Why the fuck is Charlie more concerned about ass than explaining to the other castaways what happened? Are Michael and Walt gonna really escape? (Editors note- fuck no). Where are they taking the love triangle? How did Penny know to look for the magnetic disturbance? We will (or knowing this show, won't) find out tomorrow.

*for Laura. Although if she or anyone else hasn't caught up yet it's your own fault.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Grace Gale "Beverages"

Look at these nerds.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Saw Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins again...last night at the Fillmore. Seriously, girl was wearing the shortest skirt ever, complemented by black boyshorts underneath to hide her actual ass. Brutal, and rude. I want to marry her and she could bang any dude she wanted and be mean to me as long as she sang me to sleep every night and once and awhile got the "Twins" out for me to play with. Interpret how you wish (it's all kind of inappropriate).

And of course the music was stellar...short set it seemed, an absence of "Rabbit Fur Coat", but kick-ass new songs "Jack Killed Mom" and "Fernando" (not ABBA). As always a top notch show...true entertainment: classy outfits, choreography, acapella numbers, that damn Macauley Culkin of a boyfriend guitar player of hers. Highly recommended.

PS- The Dolphins suck. Badly.

A visual history of J-Lew.

Remember the Wizard? Jenny gets some with the Savage.

All grown up.

Which led me to this little gem...Jenny, Conor Oberst, and Feist doing 'Mushaboom'.

And that's where I found this...Feist on Jimmy Kimmel....where you can see Jenny Lewis in the crowd along with Rilo Kiley/JL&WT drummer Jason Boesel!

She probably already has a call into her attorney for the restraining order.