Thursday, October 12, 2006

hot weekend action!

Not really. Friday night is the Rocky Mountain Recorders anniversary party. which is held once every two years and is a guaranteed good time. Open bar plus good-looking advertising girls everywhere. And someone told me Jan was making an appearance.

Saturday I prepare for this:

I know, despite what I think about dressing up like a 'butt' rocker, I will be Geezer for Sabbath. Should be fun though, I am in amazing company (Fogal, Forrest, and Matt Van Leuven). Just got the gnarly itch to play live again...something that is sorely missing from my life (because the new band won't be show-ready until at least the end of the year- more on that later).

Sunday we got Broncos v. Raiders at Mile High. Raiders are dismal this year so I expect another boring game of great Denver defense and lackluster Denver offense. Since we know we are going to annhiliate them, why don't they just start Cutler and see what happens? In Miami we got lucky enough to see Daunte get a little roughed up so as to make room for Joey Harrington. That kid wants it, and if we can find him a decent enough O line we might win a few fucking games. It's hard being a fan of any team from Florida. They build you up to let you down year after year after year. Since Suma is my neighbor I have been watching most Chicago games, and I guess the Bears for real. All I can think about is how I once got to third base with a girl who later did one* with Rex Grossman. One degree between Sexy Rexy and this guy. Rex was a mighty Gator.

Also on Sunday the Killers are playing, but just down the street the mighty CURSIVE will be visiting us. I am gonna end up seeing them three times this year. What a fucking treat, that's once more than I have seen them ever. The new songs come off amazing live, and they played 'Ceilings Crack' in Chicago this summer. You're jealous.

And in conclusion I highly recommend seeing the new Scorsese picture 'The Departed'. It was really fucking amazing. I went into it with low expectations; it seemed like a story we've seen before, with typical Scorsese cuts and music, with actors I can't stand (Damon, DiCraprio). But I have to say, loved them in this. Never thought I'd say that DiCaprio is a badass, but when he is pistol-whipping some cat and screaming "Shut the fuck up! Shut the fuck UP!" you change your mind. Great story, characters you get involved with, and lots of edge-of-your-seat action. Also great use of Dropkick Murphy's "Shipping Up to Boston". Two BYAAHs up, Tom Harkin.

Come on Toshi!

*Do I have to explain this again? She fucked him.


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