Thursday, September 28, 2006

floggy daw.

Don't ask what that means. The ol' soccer team FINALLY WON A GAME! No bullshit! 3-2. It was the best feeling and really pissed the other team off. Fuck 'em.

I want to post this super lame video from the Bromance and lay down two rules.

1. Alt-country still kinda sucks. Stop sucking it, let it suck on it's own.
2. Buy your own goddamn cigarettes (Longman is excluded from this, he can smoke my fags whenever). If you are gonna smoke, fine, smoke, but commit to the addiction! These things are expensive (especially since I smoke a pricy brand in the most hard to find 'flavor'). I fucking hate drunks that are always spending money at the bar and bumming cigs. Be a real smoker; have a pack and lighter on you at all times...hell I even plan my night around re-stocking if need be!

Or maybe I should just quit.

Here's that video. Yeesh.


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