Monday, September 25, 2006

signal to curse the river

Totally jumping shows this past Saturday. The team and I hit the HiDive for Suburban Home's 11th anniversary party, then split to Walnut Room to see the Sunset Curse, then back to 3 Kings for the mighty Drag the River. Highlight of the evening was definitely Signal to Noise with new guitarist/sometime singer James Tanner (previously of Harrison Bergeron and a band called Anamani I think). Slayed big time...can't fucking wait for the record. "This Side of Texas" is a hot jam, check it out at their myspace page. Even thought I loved the band with Tim in it, I really think this is the sound they were meant to be playing. Rock and roll. And I am not just kissing their asses because they played my song.

I need to post three things; Lollapalooza wrap, Sufjan show review (still glowing from that one), and this stupid analysis of a Kevin Federline interview I have been obsessively reading. That kid needs a beating.

Also, you may have seen this before but I am posting it anyway. Watch it, it's totally hypnotizing. What the hell is this and where is it from!


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