Tuesday, September 12, 2006

hangover day three

Seriously. I really did one Saturday night and am still paying for it today. Moral of the story is keep me away from sake, sambuca, and crystal meth (snap).

I woke up at 4pm Sunday and went with Chip and company to Steuben's. I gotta say Steuben's is my favorite place ever. Great staff, amazing food, grape vodka and Olympia in a can...hard to beat. Joe OGB and his crew really know how to do one. Plus they have a hidden TV, so Chip and I got to watch the Manning bowl. We both joined a fantasy league, and it really has made watching the games this first week much more enjoyable (although I obviously missed a lot sleeping most of the daylight away on Sunday). And I am not too bummed about the Dolphins loss:I mean, Daunte failed at the end and Saban blew it with the seventeen warm-up throws trying to get his challenge in BUT it wasn't all that bad. I really am trying not to get all bummed and down on the Fish just because of one loss. It was a tight game, and close for three-and-a-half quarters. And the Steelers are the returning Super Bowl champions (only 8 returning champs have ever lost their home opener).

Will the Dolphins beat the Bills at home next week?

Will Jake Plummer fuck his shit up and make way for Jay Cutler?

Did I mention I'll be out of town this weekend?

Have you heard Lady Sovereign yet?

Are you going to TV on the Radio or Mastodon/Converge?

You psyched for the Lost season premiere October 4th?

Important questions.

In conclusion, let's get one thing straight: I'm backing Justin Timberlake. That sounds kinda dumb to be a huge snob and still be a fan of someone from N'Sync, but it's happened. I mean, come on, "Like I Love You" was a great song (fucking Dillinger Escape Plan covered it for chrissakes). Anyway his new album came out and when I first heard the "Sexyback" single I was disappointed because it was an annoying exercise in bland repetitive R&B that you knew you were gonna hear everywhere this fall. Then I heard the second single, "My Love". Great synth hook, catch as all hell, highly recommended. If you listen to the version on his Myspace page, you gotta listen to like a minute and a half of crap before it gets good. Here is a bootleg mp3 of just the good shit.

*UPDATED* the Timberlake MP3 is now working properly.
Justin Timberlake - My Love Featuring TI
Lady Sovereign - Love Me or Hate Me


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