Wednesday, August 16, 2006

an old west crazy town

The legendary Gorilla Biscuits played at Cervantes last night, and the whole city had a glow about it from the elated hardcore kids everywhere. I was stuck at work, but the kids who came in seemed like they had just woken up on Christmas morning. But where I'm going with this is that after the show Walter Schreifels (GB, Youth of Today, Quicksand, Rival Schools, Walking Concert, World's Fastest Car...) played an acoustic set of his songs at the Hi-Dive.

Walt is an amazing entertainer. He was quite hilarious, boasting of his ability to do a David Lee Roth-style split, and how if it wasn't so cold in Antartica he'd move down to live with penguins (followed by his impression of a penguin). He opened with a cover of the Beatles' "She Loves You", and played a medley of Sick of it All songs that, strangely enough, ended with the Smiths' "Ask". Another medley contained "Fazer", "Slut", "Landmine Spring", and "Start Today". It was pretty fucking awesome, although I was kinda bummed that the only Rival Schools song he played was "Used for Glue"- which don't get me wrong was the shit. I would've enjoyed "Undercovers On" though...that song means and has meant a lot of different things to me, and to see it acoustic would've been amazing.

Anyway the whole night was absolutely incredible and surreal. Walt Schreifels is as close to a Dylan as this scene has, so it's fitting that we embrace him as such. And he also described being on Colfax Ave as being in an "old west crazy town" full of hookers and drugs. Sweet.


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