Friday, July 21, 2006

weekend I prefer the weekend

So I fucking hate everything about the Warped Tour but I did get a line on a super cool guy press pass (thanks to the Brain), so I thought I might stop by and get extreme. Maybe shotgun some energy drinks before hittin' the pit with my brahs. And getting to see The Living End with uber-fan the Brain is gonna be fun.

You have fun this weekend, too. Before eating all those barbeque ribs you've got there, listen to this shit!

So I think I pissed the Viceroy yesterday off with a comment about Waxwing. I did not mean to call him out, I kinda just wanted him to listen to this band. Waxing is brothers Cody and Rocky Votolato, with Rock on lead vocals and Rudy Gajadhar on drums. The `Wing pistol-whips you in the face with jangly guitars and raw emotion (and maybe even a cock-slap or two thrown in for good measure). A great band that died so three other (better?) music projects could flourish (Blood Brothers, Gatsbys American Dream, Rocky solo). This cover of "New Year's Day" is one of the all-time great cover songs.

Waxwing - Kill The Messenger
Waxwing - New Year's Day (live)

I don't have to tell you that TV on the Radio is the shit. Their new album Return to Cookie Mountain (wtf?) releases on Tuesday FINALLY- but if you're a dork you've been listening to it for months seeing as how it leaked a while back. I was gonna include the epic "Tonight" but decided on this track instead. Little faster, little more jaunty. Oh, and fucking Bowie guest-stars on the record. That is way cooler than even this.

TV on the Radio - Playhouses


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