Monday, July 24, 2006

Denver Post's top 300 bands

Well duh.

I mean, yeah, I agree. All the top 10 bands are great fucking bands. It's just very predictable. You can read the whole article here. Make sure you click all the 'related article' links.

Congrats to the Morning After roster as they nabbed three of the top five spots! And I promise next year we can expect more of the same from Adam, Dan, and company. (And maybe next year we will see bands like Everything Absent or Distorted and The Life There Is move into the top 10.)

My few gripes are that 300 is an absurdly large number of bands. Also, Cost of Living and Against Tomorrow's Sky aren't even bands anymore...maybe I'm still a little bitter that Grace Like Gravity never made it on the list ever even though we had friends on the panel and were a decent-sized local act with a respectable draw!

That's right, Matt Clark is petty!

Not really.

When I feel less shitty from my binge-drink yesterday, I will post about the Sucked Tour and the sweet Gym Class Heroes afterparty at Pete's. It was a do one for the ages.

Listen to this!

Grace Like Gravity - Your Life As A Film
The Life There Is - Come Over Here


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