Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Wolf Parade at the Fox

Wolf Parade is like totally the fucking best band ever!" -actual quote overheard at the show.

The Wolfs came through and did one at the Fox last night. They brought Frog Eyes with them as well.

I arrived kinda late (long story) and only ended up seeing about four songs from Frog Eyes. They are exactly what I expected, and I wasn't blown away. Carey Mercer was fun to watch however, as well as his doe of a wife drummer. Carey did tell an amusing story about the last time they played in Denver (at the Hi-Dive), claiming a woman flashed the band and squirted breast milk on them. Judging by the onstage bantar of the band I assumed this was total bullshit, until after the set I ran into my friend Nicole. She not only confirmed the story, but informed me that it was in fact her sister that sprayed breastmilk on Frog Eyes (she was nursing at the time). Apparently she also did this to Bob Log III.

Wolf Parade came out and fucking slayed. This band is amazing anyway, but the songs come off absolutely incredible live. After a flurry of crowd-pleasers ("Shine A Light", "Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts", "You Are A Runner" right into "Fancy Claps"...pretty much all of Apologies to the Queen Mary, duh) they even graced the especially dancey crowd with a few new tracks. After "This Heart's On Fire" (a personal favorite of mine) they left the stage, only to return a few minutes later with Frog Eyes in tow for a truly epic extended version of "Dinner Bells". Fucking rad all the way around. I left feeling very happy.

The show was sold out; according to some dejected youths out front it had sold out the day before. I noticed that the crowd was a lot more college-y than I expected it to be. I also felt very old walking around the streets of Boulder. Kind of like a ghost walking around. I used to feel very comfortable on the Hill, now I felt like I had wandered into some bizarre memory of a place.

Anyway, long story short, you should love Wolf Parade because they would love you. Now not only do I have decide between TV on the Radio or Mastodon and Converge in October, I have to decide between Stars and Wolf Parade at ACL. The fucking agony.

Enjoy some fancy claps. In MP3/m4a format.
Wolf Parade - Fancy Claps


Blogger flyingcobrashark said...

Dave Barker got squirted with breast milk in Laramie one evening by some trashy Wyomingite (Wyoman?) after an LMD show.
Am I the only person that reads this?

10:03 AM  
Blogger Mattison said...

Yes. Yes you are.

1:10 PM  

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