Friday, September 29, 2006

mystery solved!

So Gorilla Vs Bear has uncovered the truth behind Little Superstar. It seems that the clip is from the movie Maarveran, the first 70mm film shot in the language of Tamil (makes you think of Aziz don't it) starring a midget whose name means Frog. This site called Mojiti put together a little documentary type thing about it. Check it: here. Highly recommend you watch it because it translates all the shit they are saying.

Bonus! Watch homeboy slap some dude!

Gym Class Pete's then the Marquis. Tomorrow Jenny, Mute Math, and TBOP. Sunday is motherfucking Styx and Speedwagon. Monday Calexico. What are you guys doing this weekend, faithful readers in exotic places like Arkansas, Chicago, and NYC?


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