Friday, June 08, 2007

droppin' science, born to roll

So I took a lame 1000-level Psychology course in school last semester, and we spent a week talking about the science of sleep. Sleep is like a bank; the more sleep you put into the bank the more energy you have and vice versa. However our bodies can learn to adapt if on a low-sleep schedule. A study was conducted where a man could only sleep for 30 minutes a time over the course of a month. Eventually his body started spacing the sleep cycle out so all necessary stages (beta, alpha, theta, delta, and REM) could be achieved in less than the normal 90-minute cycle. I just proved this correct.

I flopped into bed at around 6-ish and had a long, insane dream about Sleeper Horse staying at my non-existant ex-military redneck uncle's weird house on the coast of North Carolina by a navy yard whose son wanted me to inflate a blow-up doll (yes, that kind of blow-up doll) for him to play with in the pool but my uncle dissuaded him by showing us the indoor badminton set he had set up. And Mike, Josh and I took a picture inside the hanger he put cots in for us and there were a bunch of orbs in the picture, which is supposed to be ghosts or something (Casey, this correct?) and we were scared to sleep in there because there was no bar by where we were, just a fast food chain. Fucking thing went on for-ev-vur. I woke up at 6:50.

We also learned about how sleep is a processing function for memory, especially REM sleep and dreams. So...what memories did I encode by having this weird fucking dream? Anyway. Isn't that annoying when someone says, 'oh I had this crazy dream!' and then they tell you ever single detail and it's boring? Yeah. That just happened.

We're partying tonight. You know where, and if you don't just holler.


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