Friday, May 18, 2007


So. It is officially Friday the 18th of May, and I wanted to inform you that your presence is requested at Timothy Thomas Cleary's CD release party at the Larimer Lounge tonight. I am backing Tim up in this endeavor and it would be really swell of you all to come.

Tim Cleary has been an important part of the Colorado music scene for years and years, from Shogun to One Dying Wish to Signal to Noise to his own damn self. He is leaving us in a few short weeks to try his luck in the Big Apple, and will be sorely come. It would mean ever so much to Tim, and me.

Check out the Onion AV club this week to catch an interview with the man, and come down to the double L tonight to celebrate a great dude and his music.

21+ comp tickets below...


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