Sunday, April 22, 2007

pity party (what else is new)

I am sick now to the point where I'm kind of like 'just fucking kill me'. Haven't been sick like this in well over a year. I'm congested, body aches, fever, the whole nine. And I have a raging headache from trying to read, watching TV or staring at a computer. Feel bad for me! These are the times I wish I had a significant other; noone likes being sick alone. And Longman and Teo had to work so they can't come over and spoon feed me Cheerios.

But fear not dear readers- I am on a vitamin overload to prepare myself for tomorrow night, cos my hero is playing the Gothic...
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Ask anyone; if I could play music in any band, I would be a Pharmacist. And in Sleeperhorse (songs coming middle of next week).

Has everyone seen this? Maybe it's funnier if you are doped up on Theraflu and whiskey...


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