Monday, April 09, 2007

we are the earth intruders

New Bjork leak from Volta. It's not really a video, just the song playing over a still of the album cover. Red Rocks!
Bjork- Earth Intruders

Sounds pretty good. I read that she is trying to get back to her Debut roots and it certainly seems that way. Red ROCKS!

Also quick plug for my old buddy Aaron Rosenbloom. Not only is his blog a fun read, he is working on a video for the nerds in Hella (whose new album is called There's No 666 In Outer Space...nerds), and putting together a documentary about the disaster of consumerism. The doc is called Wasteland, and Aaron and his partner Wes have a blog up and running as well as some videos of their progress. Like this one:

Noble man. I think he has a beard, although I haven't seen him in years. Maybe for Daft Punk and the Rapture? Let's take drugs and bring underage girls. Deal.


Blogger bloomerang said...

The beard comes and goes, much like me to both coasts of this great nation. I got DP/Rapture tickets for Brooklyn (New York City, where they paint murals of Biggie). I also have couches. You should take one. Cassell's coming.

3:41 PM  

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