Wednesday, March 21, 2007

there are only three items on the agenda today.

So. My birthday is this Friday. Although Longman's treasure hunt was annoying (but worthwhile), I think he made a good point; it sucks planning a birthday. It seems wierd. That being said this Friday is my birthday. Here is what I plan on doing, where I will be etc. I'd love it if you join me. And I think we can go ahead and bring back the one-punch-for-every-year-of-life thing. Just don't be a dick about it.

THURSDAY: The Thermals are playing at the Hidive. Probably be kicking it at Sputnik until go time. And afterwards too, so come down and let's hang out. There will be the obligatory midnight shot fest I'm sure. I highly recommend going to this show whether you like me or not, Thermals fucking rule.

FRIDAY: Gonna grab the tight fam and get some dinner, then probably off to see Matatat at the Bluebird. Probably. Dunno yet, in any case there will be some heavy drinking at Rockbar. I know Rockbar can suck (unless you really like cocaine and being one of the beautiful people) but it's a cheap place to drink and a good spot for gettin' buck wile.

SATURDAY: Atlas is playing at the Hidive (wow that's wierd). I think it's the CD release show. Prada Hair Model Denver Dan [the one with the purse] promised to buy shots for everyone.

SUNDAY: Bloodies downtown somewhere.

Next week my new band Sleeper Horse is playing it's first show alongside Signal to Noise at Emerald City on Santa Fe. Friday night the 30th, no idea what time, but come down. The band is Small Brown Mike (TBOP), Josh (Away by Train, Slouch), some dude from Cleveland (Ryan Kelly formerly of Novallos), and yours truly. BYOB for real.

The day before that though I will be joining Mr. Tim Tom Cleary on some bass licks over at Tear in My Beer (Thursdays at Old Curtis Street). Some other Denver luminaries are gonna be backing Tim up as well, so don't miss it. If you haven't checked out his stuff yet I think you should do it right now.

Lost tonight. Locke-centric. 9pm ABC D.O.O.N.E.


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