Monday, April 09, 2007

geek out

Rob Zombie's Halloween

Can't wait to see what Rob does with this...this man makes killer horror flicks, and his 'Werewolf Women of the SS' trailer during Grindhouse is the shit (although Eli Roth's 'Thanksgiving' is easily the highlight- "White meat. Dark meat. All will be carved...THANKSGIVING").

It's true what they say, Grindhouse is the shit; drop everything and go see it NOW. Totally a must-see theater experience; I had the distinct pleasure of seeing it with fellow geeker-outer Suma and horror movie encyclopedia Derek. And boy was it hard not to stand up and cheer at the end of both Planet Terror...did anyone really expect anything less? Although the other one was just eh. BUT- Highly entertaining and quotable. Get on it.

"I never miss"


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