Wednesday, May 16, 2007

here is what you are doing the next few weeks

Sorry. We agreed you have to come to all of these events.

This Friday is the Tim Tom Cleary CD release show...if you haven't experienced the magic of this man then you're fucking DUMB. There will be six people on stage with him including Jason Walker (The New Rome, every band in Denver), Sean Foreman (3oh!3), Ryan Suma (Shotgun Willie's), Peter Glenn (Killfix), Kacey Johansing (herself) and some stupid bass player with a bad moustache. It really is quite a show. Mr. Cleary is moving soon so this is one of your last chances to see would mean a lot to the guy. And to me.

Also Signal to Noise is opening featuring the Denver debut of new drummer and my hetero life partner Andrew Vastola. And Mustangs. And Kacey Johansing performing solo.

free tix:

The Wednesday following is the two hour fucking LOST SEASON FINALE!!! But you can't watch it because you will be here:

It's Only Thunder (ex-TBOP, Cost of Living, The Everyday Fight, The Nutsockets) first show. And the Horse of course. We can watch Lost later that night or the next day. No, we really can't, but I have to be there and so do you.

Last but not least next Saturday is the Bro-down in Boulder. Signal. Gale. Tim. Horse. Rome. Signal to Sleeper Thomas Rome Gale. If anyone is alive after this show it will be a fucking miracle.

That's all for now. Clear your schedule in June though, there will be more...much more.



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