Wednesday, May 30, 2007

let's keep you up to date

So, this might be my favorite song right now. This Antony person is fucking amazing.

It came to her in a dream...of course it did.

One last item on the Bjork tip, I have had like three dreams about that insane trampoline/sonar detector/board game thing that dude was playing. Here, look.

What the fuck is that? I've heard some speculation that it does not, in fact, do anything. Fucking crazy man. When this shit happened though, Hyberballad into Pluto, I felt like I was on about seven hits of acid. Longman and I noticed an interesting trend that every time a huge laser would blast out over the crowd people would instinctively whoop and holler. We are currently working on a project to bring a laser into everyday settings to see if we can acheive the same effect. Location one, the DMV. Location two, Argonaut liquors. Location three, the alleyway behind Argonaut where we pass out drinking tall boys. Experiment is forfeited. (And don't anyone steal my idea like SOMEONE DID- and yes I am currently looking into litigation*).

Some radio station did an ambush interview with Ben Gibbard. Worth a listen, only because he jokes about Johnathon Rice being gay...which means he can stop dating Jenny now.

This is a good waste of time too. How well do you know your album art?

I finally 'get' the Cold War Kids. This is awesome, although I been hearing God Rock rumors...

Last but not least, I leave you with a little Sufjan...doing 'Lakes of Canada' by the Innocence Mission (you may remember them from such soundtracks as this one). Anyway these La Blogotheque dudes really know what's up. I feel like Aziz Ansari's indie record clerk because I read it but can't understand a thing. So I don't read it at all I guess, I look at it. Anyway the video feature they do called "The Takeaway Show" is really neat, from Tapes doing "Insistor" in the streets of Paris to Arcade Fire ripping a magazine for percussion in an elevator. Here is their take on Soofs, it's funny to hear him being a bitch about the weather.

I bid thee adieu.

*So it turns out that the advertising firm that came up with DQ's "Do One" campaign? IS ON 18th AND ARAPAHOE IN DOWNTOWN DENVER! So some fuck on a deadline was drowning his strees at DTP (Downtown Petes) and stole our fucking catchphrase. There will be justice, oh yes...I want 'Do One' back...'Hike It Up' just isn't taking off like i hoped it would.


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