Tuesday, May 22, 2007

zombie tuesday.

They are people too.
Zombie-American Chapter One

Zombies. Love em. Did any watch the Heroes finale last night? Fucking lame sauce. I got into that show halfway through because the Horse took an hour break during practice to watch. All this buildup and that was the end? DUMB. Sorry. The LOST finale will definitely rule a lot harder, although I won't be able to watch it real time because it is double-duty for the Horse!

That's right kids, this Wednesday is a double-header for the Horse...first we are opening the Minus the Bear show over at the Bluebird, then scrambling over to 3 Kings to rock your balls with Only Thunder!

We play at the Bluebird at 8 sharp! So if you are going to the show to see the Menos El Oso or just to see lil ol' us GET THERE EARLY! And then the party train heads straight over to South Broadway to see the fuckin' epic debut of ONLY THUNDER. After they shred the house down we will play again for you, then get completely annihilated. I'm thinking forties. That show starts at 9 with the Thunder soon to follow so again, get there sharpish.

Also of note there is a neat little article at Yourhub about the Colorado scene, and they make a quick mention of your friends in the Horse, as well as Signal and 3oh!3. It's a great read and sums up nicely the camaradrie we who inhabit the Front Range are lucky to enjoy.


My good friend Jan is a killer advertising person in NYC. You may remember her as the creator of this campaign. Her new site is Win Nick's Life brought to you by Steinlager. Check it out.

Also when did this air? How did I miss this?

I am off to get hammered with Craig Finn and the rest of the Hold Steady crew. Are they any good? Who cares! Let's get pished.


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