Wednesday, May 30, 2007

let's keep you up to date

So, this might be my favorite song right now. This Antony person is fucking amazing.

It came to her in a dream...of course it did.

One last item on the Bjork tip, I have had like three dreams about that insane trampoline/sonar detector/board game thing that dude was playing. Here, look.

What the fuck is that? I've heard some speculation that it does not, in fact, do anything. Fucking crazy man. When this shit happened though, Hyberballad into Pluto, I felt like I was on about seven hits of acid. Longman and I noticed an interesting trend that every time a huge laser would blast out over the crowd people would instinctively whoop and holler. We are currently working on a project to bring a laser into everyday settings to see if we can acheive the same effect. Location one, the DMV. Location two, Argonaut liquors. Location three, the alleyway behind Argonaut where we pass out drinking tall boys. Experiment is forfeited. (And don't anyone steal my idea like SOMEONE DID- and yes I am currently looking into litigation*).

Some radio station did an ambush interview with Ben Gibbard. Worth a listen, only because he jokes about Johnathon Rice being gay...which means he can stop dating Jenny now.

This is a good waste of time too. How well do you know your album art?

I finally 'get' the Cold War Kids. This is awesome, although I been hearing God Rock rumors...

Last but not least, I leave you with a little Sufjan...doing 'Lakes of Canada' by the Innocence Mission (you may remember them from such soundtracks as this one). Anyway these La Blogotheque dudes really know what's up. I feel like Aziz Ansari's indie record clerk because I read it but can't understand a thing. So I don't read it at all I guess, I look at it. Anyway the video feature they do called "The Takeaway Show" is really neat, from Tapes doing "Insistor" in the streets of Paris to Arcade Fire ripping a magazine for percussion in an elevator. Here is their take on Soofs, it's funny to hear him being a bitch about the weather.

I bid thee adieu.

*So it turns out that the advertising firm that came up with DQ's "Do One" campaign? IS ON 18th AND ARAPAHOE IN DOWNTOWN DENVER! So some fuck on a deadline was drowning his strees at DTP (Downtown Petes) and stole our fucking catchphrase. There will be justice, oh yes...I want 'Do One' back...'Hike It Up' just isn't taking off like i hoped it would.


Epic. Lucky to be alive.

Tuesday May 22. Hold Steady at the Gothic. Completely trashed, finished the night drinking Grand Marnier and red beer. Me and Small Brown spend an hour and a half singing Tom Waits in the truck, waiting for me to sober up so we can drive half a mile to our respective houses.

Wednesday May 23rd. Hungover all day at work, threw up around 2pm. Went straight from work and rented a trailer, picked the boys up for soundcheck at the Bluebird. Show was sold out by the time we went on, Minus the Bear guys were super nice, then we hear later they were pissed that they had two local openers (your package acts dropped off guy, what else did you think was gonna happen?) I eat four Tums on stage. Finish the set and load straight out the door to 3 Kings just in time to catch Only Thunder, who ruled. I continue to get hammered until we play, and at the end of our set am so shitfaced I huck my guitar into the bass drum and start yelling at the crowd "that's how you do it"! Witness two almost fights. Get home wicked late.

Thursday May 24th. Up and at `em early for work again, but surprisingly alert. Play pub trivia with the DZs and Steve, come in second place, losing to two fat nerds (everybody loses to these guys) but beat my 'nemesis' English Dave (no, not that English Dave) in the Dullards. Meet up with Andrew and Yomitron at Scruffy's, enjoy a cameo from Eric Halborg. Get home before 1am, but am up late watching the LOST finale (more on that later).

Friday May 25th. Up early for no reason, bartend to fucking yuppie scum for six hours, then head to the "Rock"mada to meet team Signal for a drink. Some drunk bird shows us her tits a million times and talks about loving the taste of her know...and wants to lick it off someone's beard. Grosscore x5000. Home late, because at the Rock you can order as many cans or bottles as you want at last call and drink them in the hotel courtyard...nice loophole. Plus during the summer if you order just one drink from the bar you can use their pool.

Saturday May 26th. Andrew and Tristan call and we eat Swift's kitchen, then sit on my porch for almost four hours drinking beer. Small Brown, RKelly, and Ethan all make guest appearances. I love the fact that a good friend of mine is a cop patrolling my neighborhood. I feel safe knowing that Big E is out there. We drink until the absolute last minute we can be in Denver before heading up to Boulder for the bro-down. Catacombs tells us that we have an unlimited bar tab and still pay us $75. I get annihilated. Shots and shots. End of the night I fall off the curb into a sitting position; shortly thereafter Andrew Vastola pulls me and I pass out in the back of his car. I wonder when I get home if he saved my life.

Sunday May 27th. Wake up, get picked up by Adam Lancaster and we are off to Steubens. Joe is working...long story short I am completely cross-eyed by 3pm. Go home, nap, head right to OLBA to drink more and play shredding metal. Leave OLBA and head right to IPDTC for a meeting and get home at 1130pm. Pack a bag and drive to Boulder to drink and play Wii with Gibby and Grossman until 3-ish am.

Monday May 28th. Plummer wakes us up at 545am and we go pay 40 bucks to run 6 miles, with one stop for beer along the way. Channel 9 news asks us what our team name is, and we answer FUPA, the Flourescent Uptown Posse of America. So Gibby gets to say FUPA on air. We drink some more after and go to West End, get homeat 2:30 and tap out on the day.

Tuesday May 29th. Up early again, realize my summer term schedule got fucked. Part my fault, part theirs. Go to work, drink Strongbow and watch Miami Ink with Thomas. Start driving home and am resolute NOT TO GO OUT unless someone calls me. Four blocks from my place the phone rings. After a night at Streets with 3/4ths of the Horse I get home at 3-ish.

What did you do last week?

Friday, May 25, 2007

strictly for my N.E.R.D.Z.

30 years ago today. My mom likes to say that I refused to wear shorts when I was little because -ahem- "Han Solo doesn't wear shorts". She even made me a little black leather vest to wear.

And don't get me started on the LOST finale. Fucking hell.

Tomorrow night. We ride to fight.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

zombie tuesday.

They are people too.
Zombie-American Chapter One

Zombies. Love em. Did any watch the Heroes finale last night? Fucking lame sauce. I got into that show halfway through because the Horse took an hour break during practice to watch. All this buildup and that was the end? DUMB. Sorry. The LOST finale will definitely rule a lot harder, although I won't be able to watch it real time because it is double-duty for the Horse!

That's right kids, this Wednesday is a double-header for the Horse...first we are opening the Minus the Bear show over at the Bluebird, then scrambling over to 3 Kings to rock your balls with Only Thunder!

We play at the Bluebird at 8 sharp! So if you are going to the show to see the Menos El Oso or just to see lil ol' us GET THERE EARLY! And then the party train heads straight over to South Broadway to see the fuckin' epic debut of ONLY THUNDER. After they shred the house down we will play again for you, then get completely annihilated. I'm thinking forties. That show starts at 9 with the Thunder soon to follow so again, get there sharpish.

Also of note there is a neat little article at Yourhub about the Colorado scene, and they make a quick mention of your friends in the Horse, as well as Signal and 3oh!3. It's a great read and sums up nicely the camaradrie we who inhabit the Front Range are lucky to enjoy.

My good friend Jan is a killer advertising person in NYC. You may remember her as the creator of this campaign. Her new site is Win Nick's Life brought to you by Steinlager. Check it out.

Also when did this air? How did I miss this?

I am off to get hammered with Craig Finn and the rest of the Hold Steady crew. Are they any good? Who cares! Let's get pished.

Friday, May 18, 2007

a list

I was thinking, here on the eve of the big Tim Tom release show, how lucky I have been in my life to share the stage with some of the most talented and creative people Colorado has to offer...and I just thought I would make a list, a running tally. Not just share a stage with but actually be a part of a performing musical project with. And yeah, I am fucking bragging. Without further ado...

John Alexander
Donald Sawyer
Scott Longman
Erik Whaley
Andrew Vastola
Adam Lancaster
Gregg Rosenthal
Robbie Kalinowski
Tommy Monette
Chip Dziedzic
Matthew Hergenreter
Justin Hackl
Chris Fogal
Matt Van Leuven
Forrest Bartosch
Mike Herrera
Ryan Kelly
Josh Friedman
Tim Cleary
Jason Walker
Ryan Suma
Peter Glenn
Kacey Johansing
Sean Foreman
Dave Barker
Ian O'Daughtry


So. It is officially Friday the 18th of May, and I wanted to inform you that your presence is requested at Timothy Thomas Cleary's CD release party at the Larimer Lounge tonight. I am backing Tim up in this endeavor and it would be really swell of you all to come.

Tim Cleary has been an important part of the Colorado music scene for years and years, from Shogun to One Dying Wish to Signal to Noise to his own damn self. He is leaving us in a few short weeks to try his luck in the Big Apple, and will be sorely come. It would mean ever so much to Tim, and me.

Check out the Onion AV club this week to catch an interview with the man, and come down to the double L tonight to celebrate a great dude and his music.

21+ comp tickets below...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

here is what you are doing the next few weeks

Sorry. We agreed you have to come to all of these events.

This Friday is the Tim Tom Cleary CD release show...if you haven't experienced the magic of this man then you're fucking DUMB. There will be six people on stage with him including Jason Walker (The New Rome, every band in Denver), Sean Foreman (3oh!3), Ryan Suma (Shotgun Willie's), Peter Glenn (Killfix), Kacey Johansing (herself) and some stupid bass player with a bad moustache. It really is quite a show. Mr. Cleary is moving soon so this is one of your last chances to see would mean a lot to the guy. And to me.

Also Signal to Noise is opening featuring the Denver debut of new drummer and my hetero life partner Andrew Vastola. And Mustangs. And Kacey Johansing performing solo.

free tix:

The Wednesday following is the two hour fucking LOST SEASON FINALE!!! But you can't watch it because you will be here:

It's Only Thunder (ex-TBOP, Cost of Living, The Everyday Fight, The Nutsockets) first show. And the Horse of course. We can watch Lost later that night or the next day. No, we really can't, but I have to be there and so do you.

Last but not least next Saturday is the Bro-down in Boulder. Signal. Gale. Tim. Horse. Rome. Signal to Sleeper Thomas Rome Gale. If anyone is alive after this show it will be a fucking miracle.

That's all for now. Clear your schedule in June though, there will be more...much more.


shiner bock

This is Battles. One dude from Helmet, another from Don Cab. They are at Larimer sometime this summer. Get on this. Stephen likes them, and he fucking hates EVERYTHING.

Bjork and Joanna Newsom were rad last night. The hippies were not rad last night. I don't have an extra 'square', or want to buy chocolate, or am interested in glass. You're an idiot. In the words of Naomi hanging out of my truck window: "Get a job".

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

advance warning...the bro-down in boulder!

Request it off work, do whatever you got to do, just fucking be there. Not only is it the biggest bro down of all time, but it is also Josh 'Crazy Legs' Friedman's dirty 30th birthday. Do one. Hike it up.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Beard Rape: A Serious Crime

Yesterday, May 13th in the Year of Our Lord 2007, a group of men lured me to a dark corner of a bar with the promise of alcohol and frozies. They then held me down and shaved my beard into a moustache. I was violated and, having no recourse, eventually gave up struggling and allowed a dad stache to be cut into my face. It was humilating and defiling.

So let this be a warning to all men with beards; in the month of May(stache), do not grow a beard against the wishes of others, and definitely do not take a shot of anything resembling iced tea. And keep an eye on that Beefy B guy. He played college ball, is from Kansas, does work and can make it rain out here all day.

Tomorrow night Bjork and the love of my life Joanna Newsom are doing one at Red Rocks. There is gonna be a truckbed party...if you want to be down bring tall boys and get there early. You know the number.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

is there anything better?

...than standing with your best friends watching arguably the best live act operating today (against me!) and singing at the top of your lungs?

probably not. hike it up, dog.

cursive still slays, they played "the game of who needs who the most" from domestica. i saw stars.