Thursday, July 26, 2007

Spend a weekend with the Horse...

Saturday night @the Fox Theatre on the Hill in Boulder
3oh3! (cd release)
The Chain Gang of 1974
Sleeper Horse
Chow Puppy or something like that
all ages, bar w/ID, doors at 8pm

Sunday all day @Denver's fabulously trashy Larimer Lounge
Camel, Jim Beam and the Westword present the
and a million more
We are psyched to be involved in this showcase, seeing as how we don't suck the right dicks off to get on those other music showcases around town. The bad news is we play at 2pm, so dust off those hangovers and come hang.

Also the rumors are true; Only Thunder and Sleeper Horse are going to have a good old fashioned drink off (don't try at home). Those dudes honestly think that they are better and more capable drinkers than we are. I guess that not going out every night of the week really builds up the ol' tolerance. When Shawn, Mike, Josh, Ryan and I stand tall on the corpses of our friends, I guess we will truly know who has the biggest, I mean livers. They should have challenged us to a game of badminton or gin rummy or something we suck at.


I'm back. I been busy. For those who read this and don't know, I no longer work for Pete's. Been a long time coming. And while I didn't leave on bad terms at all and will miss the benefits (medical, dental, 401k, etc), I am super stoked to be where I am now. I just literally could not roll one more fucking burrito or pour one more pitcher of "silver soda"/"C L smooth"/"diet coors"/"colorado koolaid". And it's nice to be out of the suburbs. The places like Centennial, Greenwood Village, etc. are exactly what sucks about America; capitalism, white people, Jesus, strip malls, TGIFridays, Starbucks, SUVs, more white people, plastic surgery, trophy wives, Bush voters, what-have-you. These people of course are completely oblivious to their suckitude. You go your way I'll go my own.

Too lazy to report right now, so let's just nerd out for a minute. Since I work only nights now, I have a lot more free time during the day...and unfortunately today I spent the last hour looking at all this nonsense on the internet. So before I go outside and enjoy the 80 degree weather, here are some links to keep you busy.

This is the preview for the mysterious 1-18-08 movie we all saw before Transformers.

Now down the rabbit hole...
Ethan Haas Cloverfield Diaries (where I found all this shit).
Official site.
Ethan Haas Was Right.
Ethan Haas Was Wrong.
ABZ 3293.
Huh? What the fuck is going on? I love how the internet has taken nerd shit to the next level. This is exactly why I like LOST too, so JJ Abrams must be doing something right. And Hanso is somehow involved in this shit? Killage. Now who wants a slusho?