Tuesday, October 16, 2007

i really don't.

I dont care.

I dont care who you know. I dont care what band youre in. I dont care about your fixed gear. I dont care whose website you designed or what dumb fucking website you blog for or how much time you spend in a darkroom or how much blow you shove up your nose or what stupid fucking ironic accessory you are wearing. When I am sweeping the floors after hours at Sputnik MOVE YOUR MOTHER FUCKING ASS THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY! I worked all night; I didnt do a ton of blow and pretend to have meaningful conversations and relationships. So you're a part of the cool kids club that gets to stay after-hours at the bar? Great. But stay the fuck out of my way and stop giving me shitty looks cos I'm the new guy. This little house of cards you built is very fucking fragile, and when it all comes crashing down I'm gonna be there laughing. 90% of it is bullshit. And you fucking know it.