Monday, February 05, 2007

stupor bowl sunday

Who saw that coming? Actually, a lot of people. I thought that if Manning and friends were gonna win, it was gonna be a blow-out. Which it kind of was. Although only losing by two scores, the Colts seemed to have the upper hand from the beginning of the second quarter. They commanded the ball, having 38:04 minutes of total possession. The Bears D did do a good job of keeping them out of the end zone however. And although I don't care much for either team (I liked San Diego and the Saints in the big game- what the fuck do I know) I did want the game to be exciting...boy I got my wish. All those loose balls and dropped catches...It's funny that all week they were saying how Miami was the best place to have the Super Bowl because of the weather, then Miami goes and takes a four-hour long piss on the game. Nice work 305!

I feel bad for Rex, since he was such a great (and inconsistent) Gator and also Devin Hester, who is such an incredibly fun and dynamic player to watch. BUT I guess it was just the 'Clots' year...and come on, you gotta love Dungy. So, kudos to Peyton Manning for his 'vindication'.

Dude is still a goober.

Sorry all you sad Bears fans (who all came out of the woodwork...seriously, 2/3rds of Denver is suddenly from Chicago?)

And if you still feel shitty and bummer, well, you should've started Griese! DUH! We all know Grossman's a choke artist! Eh, not your fault. Maybe reliving the Purple One's halftime show will help


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