Tuesday, January 09, 2007

back from break

Had to take a break from the internet. Brain melting. So now we're back and we're firstly gonna talk about football.

So this is kind of mean. But hilarious. Fuck the Cowboys but you gotta feel bad for Romo.

Who the fuck is this dude who made this? Weirdo. But if you notice he's a Gator fan!

For my dad, mom, brother, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, brothers of friends, etc who went to the University of Florida, my hats off to you and your team! Although things are looking grim for Florida sports (at least Miami....I mean come on! Riley, Coker, Girardi, and that traitor Nick Saban!), it's nice to know our brothers up north are holding it down. In the words of my intoxicated brother tonight, "Fuck the Big 10! They can eat a dick!". Notice that Harris is reppin' the 305 under his eyes.

Jim Mora is hilarious.

All tirades are hilarious.


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