Thursday, December 28, 2006

2006 mix tape!

I like making mix tapes/cds. I make a lot of them. I have a really short attention span, so rather than have to change CDs when I want to hear a certain song, I just jam all the songs I am feeling that week into one. Here is my compilation (which probably wouldn't fit on a real CD, but might on a tape) of my absolute favorite songs from no order whatsoever...

TV on the Radio- "Wolf Like Me": This song is hot fire. Sounds like sweat, and sex.

Hot Chip- "Over and Over": The whole track is a joke on repetition, but becomes fresher, newer, and more fucking dancetastic than any repetitive shit you've ever heard before.

Justice vs Simian- "We Are Your Friends": When Kevin Federline described his song "Popozao" as an "Ass-Banger", I was confused. Then I heard this song, and realized just what an 'ass-banger' is. I love the retro-electro movement.

Muse- “Knights of Cydonia": Rulingest riff of the year. When that shit drops you wish you were 14 in a mosh pit instead of stoned in a living room.

Sufjan Stevens- “Majesty Snowbird”: Yeah it’s not recorded yet. It still rules and I heard it this year. Fuck off.

Editors- "Munich": I wish I went to Stafford University and did tons of blow with these dudes.

Art Brut- "Bad Weekend": I saved up so much money to spend...all I can afford is a bad weekend. Popular culture no longer applies to me. So true, Captain Argos, so true.

Blood Brothers- "Lazer Life": Billy Joel on meth.

The Thermals- "A Pillar of Salt": This song is so much fun that you wish the Pogo was still a legitimate dance movie. And that your drink had one of those sippy-cup tops.

Gnarls Barkley- "Smiley Faces"/"Crazy": Yeah it was totally over in a month, but face it, these were great summertime singles. Although I never need to hear "Crazy" again. Ever. I can picture lame white girls dancing rhythmlessly in bars and on tabletops everywhere.

CSS- "Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above": If any girl ever said this to me I would ask her to marry me right then and there. She'd say no.

The Futureheads- "Worry About It Later": It keeps building and building and building and then it ends and you're starting the track over, because you can't understand what these Scots are saying at all.

Jenny Lewis- "Rise Up With Fists!!!": Like a piece of Peppermint Bark for the ears.

Justin Timberlake ft. TI- "My Love": Come on. This song slays tons of gash. That synth line will melt all the ice in your Green Tea Pres.

Lily Allen- "Smile": Again, closest thing to reggae you will EVER catch me listening to.

Maritime- "Parade of Punk Rock T-Shirts": If you don't like this song, you probably also don't like America, or puppies.

Neko Case- "Star Witness": I don't mind watching the baby at all.

The Rapture- "Whoo! Alright - Yeah...Uh Huh": I mean, what? This song rules so hard...the whole sing-along/Goodie Mob shout out thing is brilliant. Because they're right! People don't dance no mo'!

Ratatat- "Wildcat": Rawr. Mike Stroud used to be in Dashboard Confessional. He made a good move here.

Silversun Pickups- "Lazy Eye": When Brian Aubert's lilting voice rips open during the 'everyone can focus clearly with such SHINE!' you can hear the conviction in his's grizzled, raw, and sounds like it hurts. That shit will give you serious goosebumps.

3oh3!- “Holler Til You Pass Out”: A buddy and I wanted to start a label just to unleash this band on the world. This song is their magnum opus...bang bang bang bang motherfuckin' street slang indeed.

Band of Horses- “Our Swords”: Again, very overhyped. This song is the whole shebang for me; it's easy, simple, and amazing.

SOUND team- “TV Torso”/”Your Eyes Are Liars”: Couldn’t choose. This band is so amazing, it’s no wonder they made it to the number 5 spot in my top ten.

Giant Drag- "My Dick Sux": It really does. Ask anyone.

Mastodon- "Crystal Skull": So metal. Into the black hole, searching the crystal, making the veins bleed!!! Why can't we be Vikings? I want to drink from a flagon and listen to this shit with Olaf and Hurkenskkard.

The Sword- "Freya": Speaking of Viking know this song is gnar because it's on Guitar Hero II. Shredding metal.

Artic Monkeys- "Dancing Shoes": When ED (English Dave) told me about these guys, all I could think was 'horrible name'. Then I heard this song, and I went and put my dancing shoes on immediately. If you can't dance to this you need to check yourself into a hospital cos your feet don't work. Why is "I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor" getting all the fame? This song kills it.

I missed a ton, but this could go on forever. These are my most favorite songs...I think. Watch for an updating when my brain begins to function again...I have either been inside in the snow or melting in the heat for almost ten days.


Blogger Rogue Sound said...

Yo I think you should check out Rogue Sound and add them to your Colorado bands list...Did you reach 100 shows? we are playing New Years in N. Boulder...Hope this doesn't bother you, just thought you may want to know...Cool

12:41 PM  
Blogger Mattison said...

I did reach 100, in fact, over 100...and one of them was Rogue Sound at Illegal Pete's downtown...I was your bartender, and am good friends with Bantar the Benevolent Warlock. Highfive. You're on there.

12:53 AM  

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