Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Obama's announcement

I thought this was hilarious. Just really when he goes "DUHN DUHN DUHN DUHN DUUUNNN".

I have been plowing through this book...usually not into these self-promoting political deals, but this Obama cat seems too good to be true. Here is a great NYtimes article about the Senator's recent visit to New Hampshire in a potential stumping move. I am sure he would make a phenomenal President, or Vice President. BUT- I don't trust the country to vote smart; I expect them to vote dumb. What, we can't even get a domestic partnerships referendum to pass and we want to push a black man with a foreign name on a ticket, possibly with a women? Call me a bitter cynic, but it sounds hopeless. I'm not worried about major metropolises, where the socio/economic hearts of states are located...I am worried about the surrounding bullshit. How are we supposed to expect Joe Pueblo to vote this way? Scary.

On another note I have really really been eating up Ys. It's all I listen to, and that's awkward when I pull up at a stoplight with my window down and harp music is blasting. Or when a friend of mine gets into the car and "Monkey and Bear" is on...Actual quote from someone who shall remain nameless- "Are you listening to showtunes??? I KNEW IT!".

Shit's beautiful. This is art.


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