Saturday, December 09, 2006

Best Albums of 2006... #11-25

Gonna have to wait for 1-10....start here.

12. BLOOD BROTHERS- Young Machetes
Of course this is gonna be on here....I love the Brothers. They can do no wrong, and this album is no exception. In the same vein as Crimes, but a little more linear. "Laser Life" is one screamy breakdown away from being a pop song.
13. HOT CHIP- The Warning
Fun fun record. If I ever was gonna take drugs (the rave-y kind) I would definately want to hear this. I love hearing lines like Hot Chip will break your neck/snap off your head/Hot Chip will put you down/under the ground swing out over a bouncy, bubbly electro pop beat. Love this band; they slayed at Lollapalooza.
14. GIANT DRAG- Hearts and Unicorns
I love Annie Hardy. I love her on-stage bantar, her dark lyrics, her covers of "Wicked Game" and "God Only Knows", and the titles of her songs ("My Dick Sux". "YFLMD"-which stands for You Fuck Like My Dad). This girl/whoeverisplayingwithhernow duo is a band to be watched.
15. MASTODON- Blood Mountain
Duh it's MASTODON. They may be labeled 'hipster metal' but that doesn't mean that they don't shred. "Crystal Skulls" will make you want to start a metal band. But that band will suck.
16. THE RAPTURE- Pieces of the People We Love
Can you have more fun listening to this album? It's so fun! Gnarls Barkley (Cee-lo and DM) even produces two tracks. It destroys Echoes and I love the shit out of that record. I wish this came out in the makes me want boat drinks and bathing suits. (Scott- is this the soundtrack to Water World `07? Get back to me...)
17. BAND OF HORSES- Everything All the Time
Overhyped blog sensation? Maybe. But listen to "Our Swords" on your headphones, and realize that Ben Bridwell is a genius. That other song is good too. The one about funerals.
19. THE DRAFT- In a Million Pieces
Awesome. It instantly takes me back to a time when Hot Water Music was still good (Ed.note- I didn't care for their last two records...sorry I am a purist). More proof that that punk rock spirit is alive and well. In Florida no less.
20. MARITIME- We, The Vehicles
The Promise Ring + Dismemberment Plan = how can this not be good. I missed you Davey. Welcome back.
21. THE THERMALS- The Body, The Blood, The Machine
A concept album skewering religion by painting a world run by a a facist Christian regime? Sounds heavy. Until you realize you are bobbing your head from side to side and grinning like an idiot. Again; the punk rock spirit is alive and well. This time in Portland.
22. RATATAT- Classics
Wouldn't have put this on here if I didn't just see them...fucking rad. This makes sense to me. If you do a bunch of coke and like dance parties, this may well be your favorite album of the year.
23. LIARS- Drum's Not Dead
What does going insane sound like? Oh yeah, Liars.
25. SUFJAN STEVENS- The Avalanche
Couldn't leave ol' Soofs out. This collection of B-sides is better than most albums released ever. "Pittsfield". "Chicago (Multiple Personality Disorder Version)". "Dear Mr. Supercomputer". Oh, and there is a song (an interlude really) about my man Harvey Darger.

MADLIB- Beat Konducta vol. 1-2
THE FUTUREHEADS- News and Tributes
MY BRIGHTEST DIAMOND- Bring Me the Workhorse

Have you voted on who's your favorite indie rock chick yet?


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Did you see that Harvey Darger documentary? Guy was a nut. Do little girls really have wieners?

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