Monday, November 20, 2006


Holy smokes.

'Does' God exist! Jenny Lewis might be bumped from the number one spot. Who cares if Joanna Newsom sounds like a creepy little kid when she sings. She can pluck my harp strings anytime (not meant to be sexual, unless you're CKL...then that is a little joke just for you).

Read this interview over at the Fork for more info on Joanna and the brilliant Ys.

I'm officially fucked in my fantasy league thanks to Donovan McTornKneeLigament. It was a great weekend in football though; the Pats blanked Green Bay, the fucking Colts and AODS* sufferer Peyton Manning took a loss FINALLY (keeping the Miami undefeated season alive), and the Fish beat the Vikings- I made a prediction about the Dolphins season this year...I don't want to say anything otherwise I'd jinx it. Now if Joey can just CALM DOWN...
And this guy is hands down playing the best football around.

Jason Taylor. He was in the Jackass Two movie. Dude is a BA.

*Adult Onset Downs Syndrome. Like Horseface has.


Blogger Franchise said...

Wow. AODS. I think there's a circle in hell devoted for those making that joke. You just don't get to poke fun at God's mistakes. At least you'll have company in hell, I got two eons for my cripple jokes.
p.s. what has twenty thousand legs and still can't walk?
Jerrry's Kids.

10:52 PM  

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