Monday, December 04, 2006


Logan Whitehurst, the original drummer for the Velvet Teen, succumbed to brain cancer yesterday. Dude was 29 years old...he quit the Velvet Teen to undergo treatment, and it seemed like he had beat it, but alas. The first time I saw the VT was opening for These Arms Are Snakes and Minus the Bear at the Fox a few years ago. They completely blew me away and basically stole the show from the other two bands I was much more familiar with. During the show you realized just how important Logan was to the band; whether bantaring with his bandmates or nailing gnarly high harmonies, he was very much a dynamic force. I really feel like after he left the band they began to lose some of the magic, especially during the live set. They were still absolutely amazing, but something was missing. Now it's missing forever.

This article explains what happens, and has links to his solo project's Myspace page. Read it

Goodbye Logan. You are missed.


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