Tuesday, January 30, 2007


DEEEEP BREATH...three different places of employment + full load at school + training for a marathon (okay just a half...stop fucking laughing) + still trying to keep an active social life = no time for this blog shit. Gonna try harder. But with all the shows coming up its gonna be hard, thanks to...

BOOYAH! IGIF posted a bit about iConcertCalendar, a freeware feature for iTunes that magically generates a (duh) calendar of when any of the artists in your iTunes are stopping by your town. Give it a whirl, it's amazing. Get this shit right here.

Tired, eating Vietnamese take-out (not pho unfortunately), listening to Lily Allen and I'm wondering if she's any good at Guitar Hero. I bet that'd be a fun date.


Blogger flyingcobrashark said...

You want some cheese with that whine?

9:27 PM  

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