Wednesday, May 24, 2006

100 shows

So my whole thing is to go to a hundred shows this year, but I may well have to up the ante. It rounds out to be about 2 shows a week, but given that I work at a venue (the Marquis) and that Pete's actually gets interesting shows (Pena/the Photo Atlas/Ghost Buffalo) I may easily bypass the hundred mark. Plus the three festivals, Pitchfork, Lollapalooza, and ACL. I pretty much am gonna see every band you'd want to see this year (except for probably Sufjan Stevens- but I've made my mind up that if he tours again I will travel to see him). Here's a record of where I'm at as of May 24th. These are just the bands I actually saw, not the entire show lineup.

(W denotes a show I worked)
(P denotes a show I played- yeah I'm counting those cos there is only one)

Chiodos/Armor For Sleep
Pena/American Relay
Drag the River
Drag the River (again)
Swayback vs. the Photo Atlas
Comeback Kid
Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins
Lawrence Arms/the Blackout Pact/Latterman
Love Me Destroyer/the Revenge/Stereotyperider
the Veronicas/October Fall/Jonas Brothers (W)
Planes Mistaken For Stars/Signal to Noise
Stars/The Elected
Scott Swarers/Tim Cleary (W)
Elucidarius/Harrison Bergeron/Fear From Falling (P)
Signal to Noise
Electric Six/Ever Move A Picture/Rock Kills Kid
Rogue Sound
The Velvet Teen/the Ex-Boyfriends/Cowboy Curse
Darkest Hour/Himsa
Pelican/Thrice/Street Kids Drum Core/Deftones
Poison the Well/Horse the Band/the Fall of Troy/Criteria
The Cloud Room/Ancient Mith
Grace Gale/Signal to Noise/Coretta Scott
Daphne Loves Derby/Waking Ashland/Quietdrive (W)
Say Anything/Pistolita
Saves the Day/Circa Survive/Moneen
Cast Upon Alcott (W)
Kill Hannah/Shiny Toy Guns/Clear Static (W)
Alkaline Trio/Against Me!
Pretty Girls Make Graves/the Joggers/You Say Party We Say Die (W)
Helio Sequence/Crystal Skulls/Monofog
Boysetsfire/Versus the Mirror/Crime in Stereo
Imogen Heap
the Photo Atlas (W)
Mute Math
Snow Patrol/Augustana/The Duke Spirit

At the end of the year I'll do a whole roundup type deal. I need to hit 50 by end of June, but that shouldn't be too hard. I'm at 39 now, but in the next week we have four shows, Horns, Facing New York, Frog Eyes, and I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness. Should be fun.

Editors- Munich
TV on the Radio- Wolf Like Me
Buck 65- Roses and Bluejays


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